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The picture show begins with bait (played by patron saint Wilson) as a child having hassle with the wife with lipstick United Nations agency killed Elise at the tip of the primary film. Elise and another man named Carl square measure summoned to assist with the matter as a result of Josh's mother, Lorraine, is worried. In time, they conclude his encompasses a special ability of stellar projected throughout his sleep. He then will a game of hotter and colder with Elise and that they realize him reproof somebody and opens a door with none means that of human work. Then from there its represented in modern world.

Fading to Renai ANd an investigator regarding the death of Elise, the investigator says he can go back to along with her to announce whether or not or not the marks on Elise were by human hands, and most significantly, by Josh. With that, they family moves to Lorraine's house to do to urge aloof from the terrible things that they intimate with within the initial picture show. however as before long as they get there, weird things square measure already happening. They initial begin with Renai, hearing and knowing sure signs, like the piano enjoying and also the baby chair creating noises back and forth. Then anon French region experiences things once she walks in to Dalton's area. physicist walks up and so tells French region somebody is behind her, and he or she hears things burst off and is being pursued by the ghost of the woman that haunts bait. She then goes into the lavatory and is latched and sees the woman. once the door opens it's bait that's behind the door and he explains everything is okay.

With such creepy things happening, most are jumpy, and whereas bait is taking the youngsters to highschool, Renai gets in suspense. She sets things up with the baby (baby speakers) and he or she then sees a roman on the couch with a Victorian age dress. the woman then gets up and you'll be able to hear her reproof the baby through the speakers. Renai runs up the steps to the space just for the door to shut in her face and lock. Renai then hears the woman reproof the baby with a creepy voice and so she hears the woman smack the baby whereas it cries. The door then opens and also the baby is missing, thereupon Renai runs downs stairs and also the girl catches her off guard, scream "HOW DARE YOU!!" and smacks her thus laborious she gets knocked out.

Meanwhile, Lorraine, troubled by the strange sightings, and also the means bait has been acting, decides to go to Specks and Tucker (the 2 paranormal investigators United Nations agency worked with Elise once she was alive) to do and see if there was some way they may facilitate her to uncover the strange goings-on, Specks and Tucker square measure unable to assist her, however once French region says "if solely Elise was still here" they then keep in mind on United Nations agency to contact. Carl, the spirit medium from 1986, seems at Elise's house, wherever he apologizes for not contacting them through concern of what he saw earlier. He listens to Lorraine's story, and decides to contact Elise from the opposite facet with the usage of word dice to permit Elise to reply to their queries. Lorraine, Specs and Tucker sit around a circular table as Carl begins to raise Elise queries. He rolls the word dice and asks Elise if she is there, and 3 dice placed along created the word "yes". He then asks Elise "who killed you?", rolls the dice and gets the reply "she did." Carl then asks, "where is she?" rolls the dice to urge the reply "hiding." They then raise wherever, ANd Elise tells them regarding an abandoned hospital that French region wont to work on, wherever French region aforesaid that the ordeal with bait had initial begun.

Back at Lorraine's home, bait had came home to seek out Renai on the ground unconscious, a visually troubled bait are often seen attempting to choose up Renai from the ground, however his temperament then changes as he begins to smell Renai's hair.

Renai regains consciousness, claiming that their baby has been purloined, however bait calms her and shows that their girl is within the cot and is okay. Renai tries to convert bait that one thing is assaultive them once more which they need to move away as a result of what happened, a stubborn bait denies her request and explains that their issues would disappear if they ignore them. Just then, each Renai and bait hear the piano enjoying, they are going along to seek out the reason behind the sound, however there's nobody gift at the piano. Reneai then realizes that the tune being vie on the piano is that the one she created for bait, however once she tells bait this, bait shows no memory of this. as a result of rising suspicion from Renai regarding Josh's well-being, bait rushes Renai out of the space, telling her to not worry and as bait appearance into the space he smiles and says "Your house is the Shadows currently." As he leaves, the $64000 bait in astral-projection type is sitting at the piano. He bangs against within the keys in frustration and screams, "Help!"

The next morning, physicist speaks to his mother Renai regarding his reappearing nightmares involving the dead and also the previous lady, however most significantly, he's greatly troubled by what he has seen in his father. The night Renai confronts bait regarding seeing the girl in their house, physicist manages to envision from a corner of a hall within the house his father bait scolding him self abundantly, and talking to another individual and remarking however the opposite individual should leave or flee. Dalton, clearly responsive to the actual fact that no-one else was with bait once he was speaking, insinuates to Renai that the physical bait Lambert isn't occupied by the soul of truth bait Lambert.

Lorraine, Specs, Tucker, and Carl attend the hospital and Carl helps them realize the correct area. French region remembers the space as AN ICU unit she worked in, and wherever everything started.

Back in 1986, it shows French region and bait walking into the space, and that they see AN previous patient named Parker Crane United Nations agency is asleep. bait appearance away, and suddenly Parker attacks him, and also the nurses hold him down and French region and her son Leave. Later, it shows French region elderly AN elevator, and Parker gets on, and he or she tries to form tittle-tattle with him and he doesn't respond. They arrive on their floor and he gets off and he or she goes to the secretarial assistant and asks her why Parker is up and walking. The secretarial assistant then explains that Parker had jumped off of the building that morning, and died.

Back within the gift, Lorraine, Specs, Tucker, and Carl attend realize the records on Parker, and conclude wherever his previous house was. They investigate, and realize it abandoned. they are going up to Parker's area and realize alittle woman United Nations agency tells them to travel before her mother finds them and he or she has got to kill them. Then Carl goes back off stairs and uses his dice, and that they notice that the woman was the one reproof them and was messing with them the full time. They enter another area to seek out individuals sitting down in rows below cloths, and that they realize a chest filled with newspaper articles on a murderer United Nations agency wore a black gown. They realize the black gown on a manikin and Carl puts his hand on that to seek out out what went on with it. He sees a person swing on women's makeup and murdering a adult female. They discover that Parker may be a murderer United Nations agency puts on a woman's black gown and kills adult female, that explains the individuals below the cloths, United Nations agency square measure his victims.

With the new data, they perceive what they are extremely managing, and that they come back to do to tranquilize bait and acquire into his head. however things fail, and Carl is "killed" whereas Specs gets knocked unconscious, and bait stabs Tucker with the hypo, rendering him unconscious, too.

Now within the Further/Shadows, Carl finds bait and that they figure they have to urge bait back in his body, so that they attempt to realize Elise, they than attend Josh's previous house from Insidious one, and that they see Parker within the window attending to attempt to kill and take the baby, he then goes in and run up stairs and Elise pops out and kills the demon attempting to require the baby. Elise then recommends they are going back to the place wherever Parker and also the mother once lived so as to do to finish wherever it all began.

In modern world, bait has sent a text to Renai as Carl oral communication it's safe and to travel to the house and that they drive over, once Renai and French region get there tho', they're attacked by bait and physicist comes and hits him long enough for Renai and also the 2 boys to run into the basement and conceal. physicist then goes asleep to do and facilitate rescue Josh's soul.

Back to the more, they make Lorraine's house wherever they realize the thanks to the lady's house, and that they enter, they realize Parker on the bed dressed as a woman. Parker yells at them oral communication to urge out which his name is Parker, his mother then walks in with a drawing Parker had created, she yells at him oral communication DID you are doing THIS. He denies initially and so says affirmative, and he or she yells, however DARE YOU and smacks him. She then says his name isn't Parker as a result of his father named him that, and his real name is Marilyn. The mother then appearance over and becomes responsive to them look them. She screams at them and Elise and Carl square measure hurtled backwards out of the space with the door slamming violently before them. Parker's mother faces bait alone. She then makes all the individuals Parker killed seem within the area below white sheets. They proceed to taunt bait.

The next scene cuts back and forth between our world and also the more. In real time, bait is simply regarding within the basement to attack Renai and also the boys. He breaks in past their barriers and pushes Renai right down to kill her. he's momentarily distracted once he sees physicist asleep. As he raises a hammer to kill physicist, right once is near to attack, Dalton, Josh, and Elise within the more square measure being aided by Parker United Nations agency is that the only 1 United Nations agency will open his childhood room door that Mrs. Crane slammed. Once he will this, Elise beats Mrs. Crane with a hobbyhorse and kills her once and for all as Parker destroys all recollections of his mother. Then Carl and bait run out of the space, realize physicist, and build their means into the $64000 world, fighting off assaultive spirits within the darkness United Nations agency square measure anxious to go away the Shadows for our world. simply before this, they assert their goodbyes to Elise, United Nations agency is transported mechanically back to "the smart Place". (When she saw Carl for the primary time within the more and hugged him, she had detected a heart beat at intervals him, signifying that he wasn't really dead, thus she told him he failed to belong there and to hurry beside bait and physicist to the $64000 world thus he would not get unfree within the Shadows.)

In gift Time/Real World, all of them get up in their traditional bodies with their own spirits. within the next scene, they're all seated  in Josh's front room before Carl United Nations agency tells him that he will currently hypnotise them, even as Elise did to young bait back in 1986, to form them "forget" a way to stellar project, preventing them from going back to the more in their dreams and unwittingly delivery spirits back with them. They shut their eyes; the camera zooms in on Josh's face, serene and starting to forget.

- Final Scene -

Instead of the standard fade to black, the screen slowly brightens to a fulgent white and so we have a tendency to see a sky crammed with clouds. The camera pans down from the sky to a unique house wherever Specs and Tucker play the door and square measure greeted by a family. Specs tells the person to please hear him out; that Specs and Tucker square measure there to deliver a message to their relative, Allison. Allison is that the sole survivor of the Bride in Black's killing spree, the sole one United Nations agency got away and gave an outline to the police for the story within the newspaper that was found earlier in Parker Crane's unsound house.

At the door, the family's female child asks them, "Who's the girl behind you?" Specs and Turner circle and see nobody. Next, we have a tendency to see through the tiny girl's eyes, and Elise is standing behind them. She smiles at the tiny woman and puts her finger to her mouth, oral communication "shhhh". She walks past them into the house wherever a adult female sits unresponsive during a chair. within the background, we are able to hear the fogeys of the tiny woman telling Specs and Turner that they need been having issues with unseen, malevolent entities in their home. Elise crouches ahead of Allison, smiles kindly, and begins reproof her, attempting to assist draw her out of the more. She hears one thing on top of them, looks up, sees the sunshine fixtures swaying - and one thing else - and her smile disappears. Then we have a tendency to hear a creaking, grotesque, guttural noise within the shadowy corner of the space behind Allison. The camera pans up; we have a tendency to see nothing - nonetheless - behind her; however Elise will, and also the expression on her face is one amongst abject terror as she exclaims, trembling, "Oh . . . my . . . God!"

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